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Whether your goal is to pursue a career in law or law enforcement, Introduction to Criminal Justice is a great course to begin your education. You will be introduced to the topic of criminal justice through discussions on law enforcement agencies, the court system, and corrections. Even if you have not chosen a career but just have an interest in criminal justice, this course will provide you with information about the various professional roles in our legal system that may help you in deciding on a career.

Introduction to Criminal Justice will give you a foundation of knowledge that will serve you well as you go on to pursue almost any criminal justice or legal studies degree.

Degrees with Criminal Justice Applications

1. Criminal Justice

Obviously Introduction to Criminal Justice is a great choice for anyone who wants to pursue a criminal justice degree. If your dream is to enter law enforcement, than this is a great degree to pursue. Most colleges offer it as a two year or a four year degree. The two year degree is great for people who want to become law enforcers at the local level, whereas the four year degree is best for future federal agents. Specializations like criminal investigations or forensic science may be available as well.

2. Legal Studies

Law is a fascinating subject, as is the history of the U.S. legal system. If these topics appeal to you, an associate or bachelor’s in legal studies is right up your alley. This is a great major for anyone who wants to go into the paralegal field. Legal secretaries can also benefit from a two year legal studies, as it can give them just the right amount of knowledge to be indispensible to their employers.

3. Homeland Security

With the focus on terrorism and protecting our nation from related threats, degrees in homeland security have steadily increased in recent years. Unlike general criminal justice degrees, these programs focus on giving students a knowledge base on topics like terrorist group ideology and cyber terrorism. People who want to pursue federal jobs in agencies like the Department of Homeland Security should look into these degrees.

Careers with Criminal Justice-Related Skills:

Career Average Annual Salary*
Immigration and Customs Inspectors $62,110
Paralegal $46,120
Police Officer $55,180

*All salary data was collected on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website,

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