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This course aims to build a strong foundation of written communication skills. Providing students with the encompassing skills to write for a multitude of purposes, this course prepares students for college-level writing. With a focus on essay writing and general exposition, the proficiencies gained in English Composition I will definitely be useful both in your college and professional careers.

English Composition I is almost always a required course for all college degree programs. Regardless of what degree or college a student intends to pursue, this course will certainly be an excellent platform to begin college studies. The essential skills and core writing instruction provided in English Composition I will serve as the backbone for all future coursework.

Degrees with English Composition Applications:

1. Business Administration

Serving as a foundation for effective written communication skills, English composition is a critical course for anyone interested in working in business or management. Business administration fields require a great deal of organization and communication, and English composition provides an advantage in these areas. Within Business administration, opportunities are available on both the associate and bachelor’s levels depending on the preference of the student.

2. Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries anywhere. With the vast number of workers within this field, the need for capable administrators has never been greater. Healthcare administration requires a skillful mastery of communication abilities, both oral and written. English composition provides students with the tools necessary to function effectively in this expanding field.

3. Legal Studies

The practice of law expands far beyond simple lawyers – this field also includes important roles such as paralegals or court clerks. Real estate, insurance, and a number of other industries all rely heavily on skilled professionals with honed abilities in written communications and formal composition. English composition courses provide students with the capacity to write to a number of prompts and function on multiple levels within the colorful and diverse field of law.

Careers with English Composition-Related Skills:

Career Average Annual Salary*
General Manager $91,570
Health Services Manager $80,240
Paralegal $46,120

*All salary data was collected on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website,

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