Career Comparisons

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Career Comparisons

If you have ever wondered where you could be in your career with just a little education, this section is meant to answer just that question.

Some people get stuck in a job role because they feel safe or comfortable, but they begin to feel restless and unhappy because they are not being challenged. They also are not earning as much money as they would like or are tired of being in a subordinate position.

This is extremely common. In fact, many people begin their careers in an entry-level job and then realize that although this is the industry that they want to be in, they really want to move up that ladder. In most cases, a degree in the field they are interested in is exactly what puts their careers in hyper-drive. This leads to more job satisfaction, more money and more respect.

Where are you now? Is it where you want to be? Don’t get stuck in a rut! Check out these career comparisons and see what the future might bring if you get a degree.

Clerk vs. Accountant
Computer Support Specialist vs. Computer Systems Analyst
Security Guard vs. Police Officer

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